Security Net Maintenance

The importance of conducting maintenance on your security nets


The security net system from MALLADOS KIDS is composed of 3 basic elements..

  • Certified Safety Nets and Ropes.
  • Certified Anchoring Systems.
  • Technical Installation by Qualified Personnel.

Our nets are made of high-density polyethylene and have a durability of over 14 years without undergoing any alterations in terms of quality and strength.

However, due to their permanent exposure to the elements, dust particles can accumulate on them, causing discomfort inside your home.

Therefore, it is necessary to disassemble them and wash them with a non-corrosive detergent

As for the anchoring systems, prolonged exposure to the elements can affect them over time, although it won’t cause the system to fail unless several years (more than 2) pass without replacing them.

The rust you see on the exterior of the anchor is also present inside the wall, where the embedded piece that allows the anchoring is located. When the anchoring systems exceed their replacement time (more than 2 years), this rust can cause the metallic part to fuse with the concrete and damage it. In such cases, it becomes necessary to chip away the wall using a chisel to remove the damaged pieces since attempting to twist and replace them often leads to breakage before they can be removed.

When maintenance is performed within the recommended time frame (1 YEAR), 99% of the new anchors are installed in the same hole as before, simply being removed and replaced, thus avoiding new perforations and the inconvenience they entail.

Technical Installation Remember that the effectiveness of your security net system is directly linked to having only expert personnel handle the installation. Always seek the services of Mallados Kids

Conducting maintenance on our security nets is important. It is important to emphasize that the durability of our nets does not depend on this; it is purely a preventive measure.


Our qualified technical staff will always be ready to meet your needs.

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